CHristina’s Priorities


Parents deserve a voice on the board

As a working mother of three children who attend SAISD schools, I  understand that often times we parents need to be engaged in real, authentic and meaningful ways.  I have used my voice on the board to ask the tough questions that parents will want to know.  Most recently I have worked with an engaged group of parents from Beacon Hill Academy.  Together we are fighting to save their neighborhood school which includes demolishing an old dilapidated building to make space for a play field and green space that their growing Pre-K - 8th grade academy needs. Advocating together with these parents has been such an honor!  This past year through all their efforts they brought in 100 new students to a school that had previously had declining enrollment. Fact: Fiercely protective mothers will do whatever it takes to make sure their kids have what they need!

WE NEED High quality school options, including exceptional neighborhood schools

The truth is we live in a day and time where parents have lots of choices.  We research our dentists, we look for reviews on where to get their hair cuts, we google any and every symptom they have in order to be informed. Looking for a high quality education is no different.  As a district, all of our schools need to meet the needs of all of our families. That includes not only high performing neighborhood schools but also schools that are innovative and able to recruit even the most particular parent.  Families across San Antonio have access to school choice, and we have to compete. In the last three years, under the current district leadership SAISD has improved from a state grade of F to a C. SAISD is among the fastest improving districts in the state, and I know that our growth is continuing.

We need to better prepare our students for success after high school

Having a budding Senior in high school has been an eye opening experience.  There are so many things we are having to think about to make sure he is ready with a post-high school plan that ensures he is in a living wage job by the time he is 25.  If you look back at the last 7 years, only 18% of Edison graduates have gone on to complete college. As a parent this reality is alarming. This past November I spent some time with the Top 10 Seniors talking about their experiences in applying to college.  Each one of them said they wished they had been better prepared to take the SAT. We owe it to our children to make sure that they are prepared to attend college, enlist in the military or to join the workforce prepared with a vocational license or certificate that ensures that won’t be stuck making minimum wage forever.  That work beings in Pre-K, and we must ensure that all students in SAISD are always being taught with rigorous, on-grade level instruction.